Different CSS for IE6、IE7、IE8、Firefox


#tip {

background:blue; /*Firefox background to blue*/

background:red \9; /*IE8 red*/

*background:black; /*IE7 black*/

_background:orange; /*IE6 orange*/



Install Windows 7 From USB Disk



  1. Format USB disk with NTFS format.
  2. Open command prompt (“cmd”)
  3. go to MDRwiz folder and type below command
    mbrwiz /list (note down disk number of your USB disk)
    mbrwiz /disk=X /active=1 (X is Number of your USB disk)
  4. go to “windows 7 source folder/boot”
  5. bootsect /nt60 X:  /mbr (X is the drive of your USB disk )
  6. copy all windows 7 soruce to your USB disk
  7. Your windows 7 should be able install from the USB disk.